How A Fortune 500 Brand Uses Consumer Insights

It’s 2014 Mr. and Mrs. Brand, do you know where your customers are? Do you know what they want? Do you know what they don’t want? Do you even know where they are? Needless to say if the word marketing, advertising, branding and so on are in your title or your department, you sure better know the answers to these questions or at the very least know someone who does.

For those work at one particular Fortune 500 brand there is such a person and she and her team, based on my discussion with her, not only have the answers to these questions but also have a lot lot more insight into their customers.GeneralMills-logo-gif

The brand is General Mills and the “she” I refer to is Jeanine Bassett who is the VP of Global Consumer Insights for the brand who makes products that I have surely consumed my fair share of and then some over the years. I spoke with her not along about the role of consumer insights, how it’s changed, where it’s headed and how General Mills uses consumer insights to not only help the brand but the consumer as well. Continue reading