My New Year’s Resolution For All B2B Marketers

A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled 2014 Marketing Predictions With A Twist. It was my offbeat attempt at combining a staple of this time of the year – marketing forecasts, with pop culture. In the piece are some predictions for 2014 from all walks of the marketing and advertising world including one from yours truly.

My prediction, in which I called upon the immortal Inigo Montoya for inspiration, speaks to the fact that marketers and advertisers need to go back to the beginning and put customers front and center – and leave them there.

Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen song)

However, if I were to make a prediction specifically for those on the B2B marketing side of the aisle I may have chosen a different pop culture reference, say something along the lines of the song Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen.


Well perhaps this will explain why. It’s from something I wrote back 2012, nearly a year and half ago. Continue reading