My New Year’s Resolution For All B2B Marketers

A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled 2014 Marketing Predictions With A Twist. It was my offbeat attempt at combining a staple of this time of the year – marketing forecasts, with pop culture. In the piece are some predictions for 2014 from all walks of the marketing and advertising world including one from yours truly.

My prediction, in which I called upon the immortal Inigo Montoya for inspiration, speaks to the fact that marketers and advertisers need to go back to the beginning and put customers front and center – and leave them there.

Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen song)

However, if I were to make a prediction specifically for those on the B2B marketing side of the aisle I may have chosen a different pop culture reference, say something along the lines of the song Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen.


Well perhaps this will explain why. It’s from something I wrote back 2012, nearly a year and half ago. Continue reading


The Long A.A.R.M of Steve O…


Assemblage of 


Musings of an over-caffeinated, slightly ajar yet well-meaning writer/content creator and strategist.

Before I get to today’s A.A.R.M., I wanted to make reference to the title. It is merely my very SEO-unfriendly title I use from time to time when I just want to spout off on anything that’s on my mind.  Continue reading

Why Email Marketing Is Vital To A Brand’s Health

Not long ago I wrote an article entitled As If They Need It, Another Reason Brands Need To Be Mobile which essentially spelled out the fact that the most powerful brand ambassadors in the world, moms – are a very mobile demographic and if marketing & advertising folks want to succeed, they better be mobile as well.
In fact one of the things I used to make my point was this chart, courtesy of eMarketer which spells out what the activities moms most like to do via their smartphone. Pay attention to the first two. Then hold that thought. Continue reading

2014: The Year Of Living Socially?

The title of my article is a paraphrase of the title of the 1982 film The Year of Living Dangerously starring Mel Gibson. In the movie Gibson plays a young reporter who is trying to navigate the political turmoil of Indonesia. (Thank you IMDB).
Based on what I read, it appears the number of marketers who will be trying to navigate, not the turmoil, but perhaps the terrain that is marketing and advertising, will be at an all time high when it comes to their use of social media.
The “what” I am referring to is a recent eMarketer report  “ Social Media Advertising: Seven Trends for 2014″ and the ubiquitous red and black chart reflects the growing number of marketers who indeed could make 2014 the year of living socially. Continue reading

How Lowe’s, Zappos And IKEA Use Technology To Provide Added Value To Consumers

The evolution of technology within the retail and e-commerce space is shaping how consumers behave and interact with brands and savvy, smart retailers know that understanding shoppers’ behavior is key for success. These retailers realize they can utilize technology to capitalize on consumer needs and customize offerings to help significantly increase their bottom lines.

Here’s how companies are using technology to provide added value to consumers:

Improved Customer Service

It is no secret that customer service is key in sustaining business growth – especially when you consider the fact that according to a CEI Survey, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. Continue reading

JFK Assassination: A Fable

Below is something I wrote back in 2003 and even though I don’t write much fiction these days, it is something I am very proud of and on this 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, I thought it a good time to share it.

I hope you like it…

Arbitro Historicus
(Witness to History)
© 2003 Steve Olenski

My name is Zachary Michael O’Neill. When I was fifteen years old, I witnessed something that forever changed my life. It is something I have kept secret to myself until now. I knew one day the time would come for me to reveal what I have kept hidden all these years. Continue reading

October Rain

This (below) is something I wrote back in 2004. I just re-discovered it after thinking I had lost it forever and I wanted to share it with you.

It is a very personal story that has to do with the experience and epiphany I received 5 years prior as a result of  my daughter being born.

Hope you like it…

October Rain
© 2004 Stephen P. Olenski
We are all conditioned at an early age on a varying and sometimes dizzying array of topics. We are conditioned to never trust strangers. We are conditioned to believe that if you do well and are good to people, you will one day make it to heaven. We are conditioned to love our mother and father; our brothers and sisters; our pets and perhaps our favorite foods. And if we are truly lucky; truly blessed; downright shined upon, we are also air-conditioned. Continue reading