Eagles Survive the Bears, The Morning After


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Good morning campers,

Yes I know it’s a good morning because the Birds won but forgive me if I don’t make plans to be at the next parade. I think it’s time for a reality check boys and girls and who better to provide it than yours truly?

Let’s get to getting…

On Average. The first stop on the Eagles Reality Tour is right at the top, of course and when I say the top I mean the team as a whole. If you truly believe this team is anything other than just average I would like to know what color the sky is in your world. Seriously if you think this current Eagles team is above-average I would love to hear your argument as to why.

Dougie P Ain’t So Fresh. The next stop on our tour is at the feet of the play caller, AKA the head coach, AKA one Doug Pederson. This is what I wrote on Facebook during the game, verbatim. It says it all regarding my thoughts: “Someone really needs to tell Doug Pederson he needs to get a new play caller… if they somehow lose this game I am calling for his immediate dismissal.”

I can already hear the masses calling to check my sanity for such heretic comments but, I would love for DP’s disciples to explain to me how he can continually go away from the running game – a running game which saw Jordan Howard average 6 yards per carry. That’s a six with a capital S and a capital IX.

Week after week we are subjected to this pattern. Why? Why is Doug so enamored with the pass even in the face of an effective running game? Could it have ANYTHING to do with his former boss? Nah, couldn’t be, right?

Seriously kids, Doug Pederson needs to find someone else to call plays. He is NOT an NFL play caller. Period. Sorry, the truth may hurt but that doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. TMA-logo

Brains & Focus Are Optional. Let’s see we have holding penalties committed by backup tight ends (Goedert) and wide receivers (Hollins) negating long plays; we have a safety (Sendejo) committing a personal foul for a late hit. We have our supposed #1 receiver (Jeffery) inexplicably dropping balls.  We have false starts AFTER stoppages. We have kick returners NOT taking knees on kickoffs and on and on and on and on…

This team lacks football intelligence, focus and discipline. And where do you think that all starts from? That’s right, with the head coaching and the entire coaching staff.

Stockton and Stink, Stunk. Did anyone really expect anything other than a pathetic performance by Dick Stockton and Mark “Stink” Schlereth in the booth? From Stiockton referring to Miles Sanders and Saunders to Schlereth trying to make a connection between the Bears and a bear hug, we viewers got exactly what we expected, or should have.

Full Nelson. It’s time. Oh boy is it time. It’s time to end the Nelson Agholor Experience. He is NOT and NFL-caliber wide receiver. I think we’ve all seen enough examples where he either cannot nor does not want to track a pass and just go get it. Enough is enough. After this year it’s time to say buh-bye to Nellie.

First They Snap, Then We Go. As idiotic the Eagles appeared at times yesterday, compared to the Bears Defense, the Eagles are all Mensa members. How many times does it take for someone to realize the ball gets snapped first and then you can go forward? I counted at least 4 offsides penalties on the Bears defensive line. Amazing.

Random Thoughts:

  • Why is Mack Hollins still on this team and moreover where was JJ Arcega-Whiteside yesterday? And please stop with the “Hollins is a good special team player.” Nobody cares. All we care about is can he play receiver and clearly, he cannot.
  • To Darren Sproles, Jason Peters and Desean Jackson: Thank you. You are all great Eagles players and we will welcome you back with open arms long after you’re no longer an Eagle, which should be any day now. At least I think so.
  • Do you know hard it is to make a stiff like Mitchell Trubisky look anything resembling an NFL quarterback? It ain’t easy boys and girls, it ain’t easy. Fortunately for him there was the Eagles D and their un-Canton like secondary.
  • Fletcher Cox, who I rip for lack of production, had one of those games where his stat sheet will belie his real contribution. The man is playing at a very high-level the past several weeks. Trust me. I know about these things.
  • As for Mr. Wentz, he did enough. He made the plays he needed to make at the right times. Was her perfect? Hardly. But he looked decisive for the second straight week.

Saved The Best For Last

Oh I saved this for last for sure. And the “this” is my response to everyone out there who just read the above and are thinking, if not screaming “But Steve, the Eagles won the game!”

To all of you Mary Poppins-esque, glass-half full folks, God love you. Seriously. Santa Claus is coming soon as you of course already know. I don’t know much green Kool-Aid you go through on a daily basis but man, it must be a helluva lot.

But this is where all the dreamers have that come to Jesus moment with old man reality.  Of course I understand a win is a win is a win… but you are living in a complete dream world if you think this team is, yes, anything but average.

Ok, I’m out. ‘Til next time.

One thought on “Eagles Survive the Bears, The Morning After

  1. Eagles lose; you rip Pederson, you rip the players, you question their character. Eagles win; you rip Pederson, you rip the players, and question their character. Seems like that’s the ultimate “lose/lose” for the Eagles. So anything short of your idea of perfection is unacceptable? Anyone who disagrees with you is drinking the Kool-Aid. Why is it wrong to be a “glass-half-full guy”? Isn’t that what a fan SHOULD be. Newsflash: everyone, or at least any knowledgeable fan, sees the same flaws in this team that you do. But because we choose to see the positives, and there are many, we’re the ones living in a fantasy. Not only is that not fair, it’s not true. You don’t like Pederson, you don’t like the Eagles. Why write about them? Criticism is not the same as critical thinking. Stop with the insults to those who enjoy watching the Eagles win.

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