Do People Fear Being The Best?

Everyone wants to be the best at something, right?
Aren’t we conditioned this way? Isn’t it wired into our “mother board” to always strive to the best?  
  • The best parent
  • The best student
  • The best worker
  • The best spouse
  • The best _______________
But, there’s a price to pay for being the best, isn’t there?
I mean if you’re the best at something doesn’t that mean you NEVER make a mistake? You NEVER not come through or deliver?
You’re the best so the bar is set extremely high and you have to live up to those standards at ALL times, right?
Lord knows I am no psychologist but I am one who’s constantly fascinated by human nature. Why people do things… What makes people tick and so on…
And I am just wondering aloud if in fact some people fear being the best for the reasons I mentioned above?
Are some people afraid to be labeled the best of something for fear of not being able to live up to what they perceive to be unreachable and unattainable goals which they cannot possibly consistently meet?
Personally I want to be the best dad, best husband, best friend, best writer, best worker and on and on and I have no problem saying that. I’m not worried about trying to live up to preconceived ideas of what being the best really means in others’ eyes.
I know damn well no one bats a thousand, no one hits a home run every time up. See I realized that by “doing my best” means “I am the best.”
What about you?
Do you consider yourself the best at something?
If so, do you feel a pressure to maintain the level of being the best, however you define “being the best” really means?
Are you afraid of being labeled the best at something because of the societal-induced baggage and pressure that comes with it?
‘Til next time…


13 thoughts on “Do People Fear Being The Best?

  1. I believe we all should explore our talents. Once we've discovered our true passion, it will motivate us to do the best we can. To be the best is not living up to others people's standards, but it's about finding the inner drive to want to give the best you can.

  2. Very well put Mr. Mirror (LOL)…Seriously, finding our true passion is the first step then finding that inner drive and telling the world "who cares what you think!"…

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Great point! As we go about our everyday lives, we all have the competitor in ourselves – finding our passion and giving it 110%.It's easy to become distracted as you strive to be the best, especially if you're a people-pleaser like myself. Finding balance and security helps me gain the confidence I need to continue to challenge myself to be better and better everyday.

  5. Great points Amy… There is a competitor in all of us, some more than others but there is a sense of competition inherent in everyone…

  6. Good morning, I LOVED YOUR SHARES, ALL THAT MAKES PEOPLE GROW AS A HUMAN BEING HAS TO BE SHARED. I also usually story SHARE AND IS ALREADY IN TODAY'S BLOG: I hope you enjoy, leave your comment, criticism or suggestions THANK YOU for sanctioning BLOG A STRONG HUG TO ALL AND TO THE NEXT

  7. The best example I can give of someone giving their best but not being the best is the movie Rudy. If we look at sports, we as a society don't pay much attention to the Rudy's in sports. They aren't the best, but they give their all. they show up early to games and practice, and stay late to fix any mistakes. then after that, they stay later to sign autographs and be with the fans. I have given up the attempt to be the best. I however will never give up on giving it my all and giving it my best shot. Even science greats like Edison and Einstein failed 1000's of times before success. To me, being the best means keeping at it until you get it right.Great post Steve!!

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