In appreciation of a MUCH better half…

Let me preface this by saying I have not done anything wrong, I am not trying to get on my wife’s good side or anything of the kind…

I am saying all this because there are many of you – men and women alike, who will automatically think I must have some hidden agenda or something for writing what I am about to write…

And it’s a damn shame so many are so cynical but sorry to burst your bubble but I am only doing this out of love and respect…

I am never at a loss to be amazed by my wife.

Not only does she put up with her 3 kids (yes that includes me) but she gives so much to our kids school; so much of her time, especially this week. She’s been at their school every night this week ’til late into the night getting ready for their Fall Festival which is tomorrow & Saturday…

She volunteers her time throughout the entire school year in fact and she does it because she loves our kids and she loves to help others… period. I can honestly tell you I don’t know how she does it… seriously. I surely know I could not…

Now I am quite certain there will be those in attendance at the Festival who find something, anything to complain about.

We all know the type. They live to complain.

Mind you these are the same people who wouldn’t volunteer a drink of water to a dying man (or woman). But oh how they love to complain.

When I hear these people or of them I get angry… I want to say to them “How dare you? What have you done to help? Did you stay out ’til God knows when volunteering YOUR time to help YOUR kids’ school? No, your ass was home watching TV or in bed.

And one of these times, and it may be this weekend, I’m gonna get all American President and Andrew Shepherd on their ass…

“You want a volunteer debate? You better stick with me, ’cause Terri Olenski is way out of your league.”

‘Til next time,


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