Know What You Want Then Get What You Want

I promise this will not be some syrupy Tony Robbins-esque “be the best you can be” type manifesto-slash-blog post… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

No, this is merely another post by an over-caffeinated creative writer who got inspired by something that inspires him quite a bit… Music.

“Music is what feelings sound like.”  ~Author Unknown

“Sing a song,
Make it simple…
To last your whole life long.
Don’t worry that it’s not good enough…
For anyone else to hear…”

~Cookie Monster, Elmo, Kermit, et al
The other day I read a fantastic post called “Music is a Time Machine” by Julia Carcamo. The post is all about music and the role in plays in advertising and branding, two things she knows a lot about. Definitely worth checking out…

Personally I love ALL kinds of music and the other day I heard a song whose title pretty much says it all…. 
You Can’t Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)

It’s by Joe Jackson and some of you have probably heard of it… in addition to its title and lyrics it has one of the best openings to a song IMHO… the video is below…

But just look at these words…

Sometimes you start feelin’ so lost and lonely
Then you’ll find it’s all been in your mind
Sometimes you think someone is the one and only
Can’t you see, it could be you and me?
But if there’s any doubt
Then I think I’ll leave it out…
‘Cause I’ll tell you one thing
You can’t get what you want
Till you know what you want
Said you can’t get what you want
Till you know what you want
Now I assume Mr. Jackson, when he penned the song, was thinking of relationships between two people when he wrote “Sometimes you think someone is the one and only… Can’t you see, it could be you and me”
But, instead of a two person relationship, put it in the context of you… and you. 
“It could be me and you…”
Again not to get all motivational speaker-ish… but couldn’t the “me” and “you” be between you and you?
Look at the next stanza of the song…

Sometimes you keep busy reaching out for something
You don’t care, there’s always something there
Sometimes you can’t see that all you need is one thing
If it’s right, you could sleep at night
But it can take some time
But at least I’m here in line…
Call me crazy but when I heard this song the other day, this is precisely how I took it… I took the words to mean..
…you have to like you
…you have to know what you want
…to get what you want
But guess what? It’s ok if you don’t always know what you want… it really is. 
From a personal perspective… Look at my wife… she didn’t know she wanted me to be her husband right away. She had to know what she wanted first… of course there are days she questions her decision but… I digress.
Then there’s my good friend Nick Lanciano. A more passionate person you will not find. Nick’s a filmmaker… a damn good one. But he had to KNOW he wanted to be a filmmaker until he could actually become one… 

From a professional standpoint… I have met some truly great people via social media that I would be willing to bet are the same re: not knowing what they wanted until they did… know what they wanted.

People like Beth Harte, Drew McLellan, Tom Martin, Pam Moore, Jay Ehret, Steve Woodruff, Jason Falls, Lisa Petrilli, Ann Handley, Michelle Tripp, Amy D. Howell, Kirsten Wright, Adam Hartung and many, many more…

Now truth be told, I have never “met” these folks, at least in person… I don’t know them from Adam or Eve for that matter other than thru social media but something tells me they all, at one point in their lives didn’t know what they wanted… until that is, they did.
And they all had to first like themselves and know that they are truly the “one and only…”
They ALL knew that…

Til next time,


11 thoughts on “Know What You Want Then Get What You Want

  1. Yep. It had to evolve. And it's still becoming clear over time…

  2. Steve, you're putting a lot of pressure on me to suggest that I might know what I want. But for certain I do know that I want relationships with people like you and the others you mention in this post, which is why I invest time with social media.

  3. @Steve Evolve and evolution… indeed. And yes it seems to become clearer over time for sure…@Jay Great point… I too invest time in social media for the same reasons…

  4. Dead on – and still changing. I am definitely learning what I want, and the more I learn, the more I go for it. Love the lyrics, thanks for the little reminder of why I do what I do 😉

  5. @KirstenYou are welcome for the reminder…and thats a great point you bring up re: the more you learn the more you for something… As we acquire knowledge on ANYTHING, I think a natural reaction to that is wanting more… assuming of course we're drawn to it in the first place

  6. Steve,Always honored to be included in your posts – especially with such an esteemed group. I think you can tell from my blog that I'm still on the journey…but discovering what I want along the way.All the very best,@LisaPetrilli

  7. What if you are always on a journey…..never know what you want…then what??Interesting post that makes you step back and say…hmmmm?

  8. @LisaYes I can tell from your blog that you journey to find what you want is ongoing… But as you aptly state, you are discovering what is you want along the way… and that's half the fun right there

  9. @Smitten "never know what you want…then what??"now that is an interesting dilemma for sure… and that does make you go hmmmm…. LOL

  10. Steve,Honestly, I think part of "knowing" is admitting that you don't really know. As Lisa said, it's about the journey. I actually think knowing means you know who you are and how you want to be on the journey.You don't necessarily know the final destination but you know who is ling to arrive there.Drew

  11. @Drew"Honestly, I think part of "knowing" is admitting that you don't really know."That is very profound my friend… And also VERY TRUE…And I think not knowing the final destination is half the fun…

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