8 thoughts on “8 o’clock coffee decides it’s time to change their logo

  1. MarketingProfs just had a little article about a study showing that people are reassured by nostalgia, especially in precarious times, so changing a look that's so powerfully seated seems especially audacious right now.

  2. Interesting study Fred… I will definitely have to check that out. I can see the validity in believing people being reassured via nostalgia and yes it does seem quite odd to change the logo now…Thanks for sharing your insights!Steve O

  3. A brand has to stay current – tweaking a logo/look to do so is a common solution. However, making your product virtually unrecognizable may not be a smart decision.Steve, what do you think of the Seattle's Best Coffee logo change?

  4. Hi Michael,Dont like the new Seattle's Best Coffee logo at all. Looks like they're a recycling company or something. Or a water processing plant or something like that… does NOT look like a coffee brand at all.Shame too cause the original logo is classic. Thanks for chiming in Michael! Steve O

  5. I actually think this is a good example of updating a look/logo without losing the accrued brand equity. Tropicana and Gap, just threw everything away and went with a whole new, meaningless (and lame) look, but the Eight O'Clock Coffee redesign manages to look clean and modern, while still referencing the old look, through the similar (but more streamlined) font, and the use of the same colors and coffee bean image on the packaging–just laid out differently. Sometime change is a good thing and in this case, I think it's very clever and really works. (Still wouldn't drink the coffee if you paid me!)

  6. Hi Andrea,We will agree to disagree because I (obviously) do not agree that the new logo "manages to look clean and modern, while still referencing the old look"It may look clean-er and more modern but it loses its entire heritage and brand equity, AKA the old look.As for drinking it… well I am a massive coffee-imbiber and I like the taste of it so again, we will agree to disagree… :)Thanks for chiming!Steve O

  7. Well put Steve! I also "grew up' in the business (both A&P and marketing) and it's sad to see that brand "go." I hope they did more market research than The Gap did! I'm waiting for 8 o'clock coffee to come out with k-cups…

  8. Hi Angela!Great to hear from you!Something tells me they didnt do the prerequisite research you mention… just a gut feeling.Hope things are well and all the best!Steve O

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