Hello my name is Dick…

Apparently my name is NOT Steve but rather Dick…

Here’s the deal…

Yesterday I posted my opinion on a story I read on CNN.com re: the danger of parents giving their kids Benadryl. The CNN piece was titled “Drugging kids for parents’ relief called abusive”

In the column a woman named Jill Smokler, who blogs under the pseudonym Scary Mommy was quoted and I was taken aback and downright appalled by her comments and I decided to voice my opinion. I realized I was writing on emotion and even made reference to that in my post. And judging from the comments I’ve received so far, I am the one who has an issue with giving your child a drug for no good reason. So, maybe it’s just me…

However at no time, did I resort or stoop to name-calling as apparently Ms. Smokler has done (see above). At least I assume she’s referring to yours truly with the aforementioned “dick” reference.

My such loathsome vernacular… but it’s ok, I’ve been called it before and much worse, too. I take it as a badge of honor, even. But hey, that’s just me.


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