Butt out…

People never case to amaze me. I really think I missed my calling and should have been a psychologist or psychiatrist or psy something…

Nothing amazes me more than seeing a driver in front of me disposing of their cancer-sticks out a side window as they cruise along at 75. Is there anything more egregious or more of an affront than this while driving? (short of slamming their Buick into you of course)

Look, you want to kill yourself… be my guest. Just leave me the hell out of it.

But… BUT… what I saw the other day took the proverbial cake…

I’m on the PA Turnpike, doing 75 and driving behind some nondescript mode of transportation. We hit a gaper delay (what the hell is a gaper, anyway?) and we slow down to around 25MPH and sure enough, within 2-3 minutes, out comes the obligatory cigarette butt out the driver’s side window…

BUT what made this particular run in even more abominable and mind boggling was the sight of a bumper sticker plastered on the back which read:


Excuse me?

I nearly drove off the road.

‘You are green and saving the planet?’

Of course the best part of all this is if I had a chance to speak the driver and query he/she on their contradictory actions given what’s on the bumper sticker, they would have looked at me like I had 3 heads.

Gotta love people…

Til next time…


One thought on “Butt out…

  1. Oh, that is bad! This always drives me nuts too. Apparently these people think the world is their ashtray. I don't care what they do inside their cars, but I find it interesting that they can't wait to get rid of their cigarette trash (outside of their cars) as soon as they're finished smoking.

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