The Long A.A.R.M. of Steve O…

ssemblage of
usings of an over-caffeinated, slightly ajar yet well-meaning writer.

Cannot believe it’s been over a month since the world lost its favorite crocodile.

A lot has happened in that relatively short period of time, from Tiger’s “performance” to the Winter Olympics to the Toyota fiasco to my beautiful wife starting her own blog. About time… woman’s got a lot to share so you’d be wise to pay attention. And I’m not saying that cause I have to…

Not really in the writing mood per se, which I know is odd for me but… instead of writing, I want to share some videos with you that are either funny, uplifting, inspirational and entertaining or all of the above.

The first one is truly inspirational…

This next one is also inspirational but for an entirely different reason…

This next one is just downright hilarious… (NOTE: Helps to know who Slappy White is)

And finally… I just think the music used in this spot is ridiculously good… so spot on it’s not even funny…

Til next time…

All the best,


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