Come on baby, let’s do the List…

Everyone likes making up lists. Shopping lists. To do lists. And yes, even s#@t lists… So, come on., let’s list again, like we did last summer.

Here’s my list of international foods that I may OR may not want to partake of if given the chance…

s’il vous plaît Ms. Hilton…?

Name: Finest Paris Brest

Product: Pastry

Country: United Kingdom

Sounds like a personal problem…

Name: Dry Sack
Product: Liquor

Country: Spain

I prefer the Cherry D-Cup flavor myself…

Name: Bra
Product: Yogurt

Country: Sweden

Have you seen Richard?…

Name: Spotted Dick
Product: Sponge Cake
Country: England

Show off…

Name: Big Nuts
Product: Candy
Country: Belgium

Make mine barbecue please…

Name: Prick

Product: Potato Chips

Country: Brazil

Don’t even want to tell you what they do with limes…

Name: Coming Lemon
Product: Candy

Country: Japan

Til next time.


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