What makes a TV commercial memorable? And follow up question, is it the product you remember or just the commercial itself?


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  1. mostly I find commercials annoying. I rarely watch TV so I’m not really a great person to make a comment. But I wanted to comment because I like your blog. :)Memorable commercials are typically ones that annoy me. I hear the jingle over and over and I never want to buy the product because I’m so annoyed!

  2. Commercials that portray people getting hurt are most memorable, i.e. falling off the ladder, walking into the glass door, the football player hitting office workers. Interestingly, I can’t say for certain which products they were pitching.

  3. I am not a fan of SHOUTING on the commercial. Like FRANK selling Dish Network (or Direct??) or the Hilshire farms commercial. I know the name of the company in the commercial, but immediatly hit the mute, so I dont know the message. We they selling the meat half off? I will never know.

  4. I remember commercials that have interesting animation, good music, or beautiful effects OR those that are really irritating. I often remember the product only more or less, eg: “it’s about butter substitutes”, but I don’t recall the product if asked. However, I often find that I am ‘attracted’ to the product, in that I notice it among its fellows on the shelf. I don’t always buy it. Buying is more closely related to whether I would buy it anyway, and how much it costs.

  5. Great topic, right before the Super Bowl. Will we see anything memorable tomorrow? Apple’s 1984 or will they be more like the Pets.com sock puppet.

  6. We at MediaSauce think they’ve cracked the formula and offer 11 Super Bowls Ads we should see this weekend, but won’t. Feel free to add your ideas:http://tr.im/dws3@scottyhendo

  7. Wow! Love the feedback! Daily Blonde: Yes annoying is good and I could see why you would remember annoying spots. Doug Taylor: Why do other people’s comical misery make for such great, memorable TV?!Les Chalfin: Completely agree. There used to be a local car dealer in the Philly area who would come on and literally scream at the top of his lungs: “Look at this car right heeerrreee!!!” Drove me crazy!Anonymous: Animation is a tricky one. I like it, when done right. When not, it is a disaster and quickly and easily forgettable. Warren: I liked some of the SB spots this year. For which ones, go here http://thesteveozone.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.htmlScotty Hendo: I will check out Media Sauce ASAP! Thanks!

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