The O Zone…

Short and sweet today my friends…

What’s a Jayson Werth?
Not much after yesterday’s ill-advised decision to bunt with the bases loaded and the game tied in the 9th Inning. Had they gone ahead there, it would have been Lidge time, but…

David needs to be Stern…
The NBA Commish needs to be stern and then some when it comes to the whole Tim Donaghy affair. I realizes it’s a bit of embarrassment, especially in light of the storied rivalry being resurrected but, he needs to make a statement at the very least to quell the fans ever-growing cynicism toward his beloved league.

Torre Pines…
I don’t really have anything to say here, I just like the headline and play on words with Torrey Pines being the site of the 2008 U.S. Open Golf Championship. Maybe something about how Joe Torre doesn’t pine for his days as Yankee skipper given their current plight. Yeah, that’s what I meant all along. Yeah thats the ticket…

Til next time.


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