All seeing, all knowing…

Riding the wave of success following my rousing 3-4 record of picking games last week, I am returning to my prognosticative perch.

In fact this week, I will give you my choices for ALL games. What a deal!

  • Eagles (-7.5) over the Bills
  • Carolina(-3) over the Bucs
  • Miami (+3) over the Bengals
  • Washington (-9) over the Cowboys
  • Green Bay (-4) over the Lions
  • Jax (+6.5) over the Texans
  • Bears (+2) over the Saints
  • Steelers (-3.5) over the Ravens
  • Faclons (-1) over the Seahawks
  • Browns (-10) over the Niners
  • Colts (+6) over the Titans
  • Vikings (-3) over the Broncos
  • Raiders (+8.5) over the Chargers
  • Cards (-6) over the Rams
  • Jets (-6.5) over the Chiefs

Ok, that’s all the time I have right now…

Happy New Year!

‘Til next time.


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