Farewell Ax Man…

As shocked as I was initially, the day after the news of Jeremiah Trotter’s release brings things a little more into focus.

Fact: There is no denying that he clearly is on the down side of his career. One look at last year’s playoff game in New Orleans, where he was essentially non-existent and where the Saints literally ran the ball right at him – and you can see that.

Fact: Age. Jeremiah is 30 and yes the Eagles steadfastly deny having such a rule in place, the fact remains that this age has become a benchmark of sorts where the Eagles take a long and hard look at a given player before deciding to keep him in the nest or not. Brian Dawkins comes to mind as one of those post-30 players they decided was worth holding onto.

Fact: The Eagles under Andy Reid have never placed as much value on linebackers as they have on other positions.

Fact: The NFL is a business. Plain and simple.

Will I miss the Ax Man? Absolutely. His value went way beyond the gridiron. But will life go on? Of course it will.

Til next time.


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